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Motorcycle riders don’t have a lot of protection when they’re involved in a crash. And they are frequently involved in crashes: Over 1,900 crashes in Alabama involved motorcycles in 2011, resulting in the deaths of 97 people and injuries to over 1,400 more. The injuries can be life-altering, and the need for help immediate. And in many cases, the other people involved in these accidents pin the blame on the motorcyclists, leaving them with a lengthy and difficult legal fight at the very time that they need support and compensation to fund their recovery.

An attorney experienced in Alabama motorcycle injuries can make all the difference to those victims. At Wettermark & Keith, LLC, in Huntsville, we have decades of cumulative experience and a stellar track record of success in getting compensation for our clients. That experience can be crucial to you or a loved one in attempting to get compensation for serious injuries from a motorcycle accident, while at the same time facing long delays as the people who caused the injuries drag their feet in accepting responsibility.

Injuries in Motorcycle Accidents
With little between a motorcyclist’s head and the many fixed objects nearby—other vehicles, guardrails, buildings, the road itself—many crashes cause severe and long-lasting injury. Even with a helmet on, brain and spine injuries are common, affecting the victim’s ability to move, stand, speak, and all other basic functions. Proper clothing can reduce abrasions but certainly can’t prevent them entirely. A motorcyclist who has skidded hundreds of feet down a paved road can lose skin over much of the body—an extremely painful injury that takes a long time to heal.

Crashes Involving Other Motor Vehicles
The most common kind of motorcycle accident involves the motorcycle being hit by another vehicle because the other vehicle’s driver simply didn’t see the motorcycle until it was too late. By then, the other vehicle has either hit the motorcyclist or forced the motorcyclist to take evasive action that results in the crash.

Why do so many other drivers fail to see motorcycles near them? The reasons are virtually unlimited, but the most common ones are:

  • The other driver was distracted by anything from talking on a cell phone to trying to read a road sign
  • Headlights coming at the other driver
  • The driver was blinded by the sun
  • The driver’s sight line was obstructed by other vehicles

Who’s at Fault?
Unfortunately for the injured motorcyclist, the very failure of the other driver to see the motorcycle tends to make the other driver think the accident was the motorcyclist’s fault. While this claim can be an attempt to simply avoid responsibility for the accident, it’s often a sincere belief. From the other driver’s perspective, the motorcycle seems to come out of nowhere; it must have been speeding, weaving in and out…something!

Refuting the claim requires a careful examination of the accident evidence, using reconstruction experts, and detailed interviews of all the witnesses, asking the right questions to prompt their memories and let them know the significance of details that may seem trivial. The fact is that motorcyclists have almost no time—less than two seconds—to avoid an accident. Again, an experienced Alabama motorcycle accident lawyer can make all the difference.

The Value of Early Advice
There’s nothing simple about how motorcycle accidents occur, and the need to get the facts straight—including a reconstruction of the event and interviews of all potential witnesses—is urgent. The experienced personal injury attorneys at Wettermark & Keith, LLC, have helped victims recover hundreds of millions of dollars. We are successful in 95 percent of the cases we accept. The sooner you get help, the sooner we can take the burden off your shoulders so you can focus your energy on recovery.

How to Choose a Huntsville Motorcycle Accident Lawyer
We understand motorcycle accidents, and the consultation is free, so call today and tell us about your case. Need more convincing? We have successfully recovered multi-million dollar settlements for victims of motorcycle accidents. Our team of Huntsville motorcycle accident attorneys will help you understand your rights and fight to get you the results deserve.

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