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Every year, we see cars being produced with innovative safety features designed to make driving less hazardous. Although cars are becoming safer, the freedom of movement driving offers comes with risks. In 2012, traffic accident deaths and injuries rose five percent from the 2011 numbers, totaling around 36,200 fatalities and 3.9 million injuries necessitating a trip to the doctor or emergency room, according to National Safety Council statistics. In Alabama alone, 514 people died in highway crashes in 2012.

These statistics represent an unacceptable loss of human life, health, and productivity. Many car accidents are not the fault of the person who is injured or killed, but are caused by someone else’s carelessness, negligence, bad driving, disregard for the law, or lack of concern for the safety of others sharing the road.

Legal Help for Alabama Car Accident Victims
If you or someone in your family has become a victim of an Alabama car accident that wasn’t your fault, for example if the accident was the result of someone’s bad driving, hazardous road conditions caused by lack of proper maintenance, or a defect in your car, tires, or other equipment, you may be able to recover money for your damages: economic damages such as cost of medical treatment and lost current and future earnings, along with non-economic damages, which are those that affect your quality of life, such as pain, suffering, and inability to do the things you enjoy.

You need an experienced Alabama car accident attorney with a practice limited to representing injured clients, or the survivors of those fatally injured, in pursuing of compensation for their accident-related damages.

For unparalleled legal advocacy in Huntsville and the surrounding area, an excellent choice is Wettermark & Keith, LLC, an Alabama law firm with a powerful record of success in obtaining awards for clients, an impressive 95 percent success rate, and in excess of 250 million dollars in personal injury and wrongful death awards since 2003.

Why You Need a Lawyer for Your Auto Accident Case
Many people ask if they need a lawyer for a car accident injury case. Often, an insurance adjuster will tell an accident victim that a lawyer is unnecessary; but beware—the adjuster is working for insurance company’s best interests—not yours! The insurance company is in business to make profits, not to help the injured. Insurers want you to negotiate with them directly, without an attorney, because they know they will get away with paying less. Insurance companies employ numerous techniques to diminish and deny claims. Having the right personal injury lawyer to represent you evens the playing field in settlement negotiations. In general, accident victims represented by an experienced personal injury law firm, such as the Huntsville firm of Wettermark & Keith, LLC, walk away with significantly more money than those who attempt to go it alone. Our attorneys are familiar with insurance company tactics and know how to handle negotiations to your benefit, making sure you get everything your case is worth.

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