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Burn injury attorney

Almost half a million burn injuries required medical treatment in the United States in 2013. These injuries come not only from direct contact with a flame or hot material like stoves and coffee, but from numerous kinds of chemicals, electric currents, and radiation. Anything that creates enough heat damages the structural integrity of human tissue.

Not Just Another Injury
Burns are unique in the kinds of damage they cause to people, the kinds of long-term consequences that burn victims experience and the kind of care required to treat them. Serious burns are so different from other injuries, in fact, that victims are automatically transferred from normal medical facilities to “burn centers” at which the entire facility focuses on burns, or to “burn units” of general treatment centers.

It takes medical staff with great experience to effectively treat burns and rehabilitate burn patients. And it takes legal staff with great experience in handling lawsuits based on burn injuries to ensure that the victims get the compensation they need and deserve. The attorneys at Wettermark & Keith, LLC, have that experience. We understand the unique nature of burns and what the future can hold for the victims of serious burns.

Consequences of Burn Injuries
For far too many burn victims, the future consequences include:

  • Pain
  • Enduring memories of the burn incident that forces them to relive it again and again
  • Scars in very visible places
  • Scars that severely limit physical function

As a result, burn victims often undergo serious personality and emotional changes. It’s not unusual for victims of serious burns to develop full-blown Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and, eventually, to come to think of their lives as having two totally different periods: before the burn and after the burn.

In short, burn injuries can diminish every aspect of your life:

  • Employment
  • Friendships
  • Social activity
  • Marriage and parenthood
  • Education

If that is the situation that you or someone you love is facing, money alone will never make up for your injuries, but compensation is crucial to pay for the current and future care that will be required, and to offset at least some of the personal and social losses involved. With combined experience of 30 years, the team at Wettermark & Keith, LLC, has a long and successful history of obtaining that compensation.

How scarring affects people varies quite a bit, depending on several circumstances and traits of the victim, including:

  • Visibility of the scar—this affects victims’ self-esteem, confidence, employment prospects, and many other things
  • Whether the scar affects movement—scars over joints, for example, won’t stretch the same as normal skin, causing restrictions in range of motion and, possibly, discomfort
  • The gender of the victim—our society undeniably places more emphasis on appearance when it comes to females; scars (even minor ones) can be vocationally, psychologically and socially devastating
  • The age of the victim—younger victims who have yet to fully develop their personalities and social skills often become withdrawn, uncertain, angry

The psychological and emotional impact on children, in particular, often starts a downward spiral in which self-consciousness and anxiety cause social, educational and other failures. In turn, those failures cause children to withdraw from further attempts at fitting in to life, and that increases their anger and frustration. That simply leads to more failures and the spiral continues downward.

Contact Our Huntsville Burn Injury Lawyers
Understanding these factors allows the attorneys at the Huntsville, Alabama law firm of Wettermark & Keith, LLC, to help insurance companies, juries, and judges to understand what’s at stake. We carefully gather the evidence to make your case medically and legally clear. Call us today and start the healing process. We front all the work and expenses, and you only pay us at the resolution of your case if we win money for you.

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Auto accident attorneys

Every year, we see cars being produced with innovative safety features designed to make driving less hazardous. Although cars are becoming safer, the freedom of movement driving offers comes with risks. In 2012, traffic accident deaths and injuries rose five percent from the 2011 numbers, totaling around 36,200 fatalities and 3.9 million injuries necessitating a trip to the doctor or emergency room, according to National Safety Council statistics. In Alabama alone, 514 people died in highway crashes in 2012.

These statistics represent an unacceptable loss of human life, health, and productivity. Many car accidents are not the fault of the person who is injured or killed, but are caused by someone else’s carelessness, negligence, bad driving, disregard for the law, or lack of concern for the safety of others sharing the road.

Legal Help for Alabama Car Accident Victims
If you or someone in your family has become a victim of an Alabama car accident that wasn’t your fault, for example if the accident was the result of someone’s bad driving, hazardous road conditions caused by lack of proper maintenance, or a defect in your car, tires, or other equipment, you may be able to recover money for your damages: economic damages such as cost of medical treatment and lost current and future earnings, along with non-economic damages, which are those that affect your quality of life, such as pain, suffering, and inability to do the things you enjoy.

You need an experienced Alabama car accident attorney with a practice limited to representing injured clients, or the survivors of those fatally injured, in pursuing of compensation for their accident-related damages.

For unparalleled legal advocacy in Huntsville and the surrounding area, an excellent choice is Wettermark & Keith, LLC, an Alabama law firm with a powerful record of success in obtaining awards for clients, an impressive 95 percent success rate, and in excess of 250 million dollars in personal injury and wrongful death awards since 2003.

Why You Need a Lawyer for Your Auto Accident Case
Many people ask if they need a lawyer for a car accident injury case. Often, an insurance adjuster will tell an accident victim that a lawyer is unnecessary; but beware—the adjuster is working for insurance company’s best interests—not yours! The insurance company is in business to make profits, not to help the injured. Insurers want you to negotiate with them directly, without an attorney, because they know they will get away with paying less. Insurance companies employ numerous techniques to diminish and deny claims. Having the right personal injury lawyer to represent you evens the playing field in settlement negotiations. In general, accident victims represented by an experienced personal injury law firm, such as the Huntsville firm of Wettermark & Keith, LLC, walk away with significantly more money than those who attempt to go it alone. Our attorneys are familiar with insurance company tactics and know how to handle negotiations to your benefit, making sure you get everything your case is worth.

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Types of car accident injuries

At Wettermark & Keith, LLC, we handle all types of auto accident fatalities and serious injuries: spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, burns, scarring, facial injuries, herniated discs, joint injuries, broken bones, dislocations, amputations, organ damage, complex regional pain syndrome, and psychological damage, such as post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety disorders, and phobias.

Negligent Driving Behaviors that Cause Alabama Auto Accidents
When drivers engage in negligent or careless behaviors on Alabama’s roads, the results can be disastrous. These are some of the more common driving behaviors responsible for injuries and fatalities:

  • Drunk driving or driving while impaired by recreational or pharmaceutical drugs
  • Speeding, weaving, and aggressive driving
  • Driving while distracted by texting, cell phone use, rubbernecking, adjusting the radio or GPS, reading, eating, etc.
  • Failing to yield the right-of-way
  • Driving through stop signs and red lights
  • Unsafe turns and lane changes; turning or changing lanes without signaling

At Wettermark & Keith, LLC, we have years of experience in successfully helping people who have been injured as a result of these and other driving behaviors. We are proud of our 95 percent success rate for our clients, and we are available to offer you the focused and dedicated attention to your case that will give you the best possible outcome.

Free Legal Consultation
Contact Westmark & Keith, LLC, to arrange for a free, no-obligation consultation with one of our dedicated auto accident lawyers. You have a limited amount of time to file a law suit in Alabama, so don’t delay; call today.

Overview: Why We Practice Personal Injury Law
Attorneys in the United States who complete law school and are admitted to the Bar are faced with the task of deciding what kind of law they want to practice. Of course you can decide to be a general practitioner and do a little of this and a little of that, but without an area of focus, you’ll never be among the best in any one particular area.

For most of us, deciding on a primary practice area is a big deal; it’s about what we’ll be dedicating our professional life to accomplishing. Here at Wettermark & Keith, LLC, in Huntsville, Alabama, our dedicated personal injury lawyers have made that decision and the commitment that goes with it: we have chosen to spend our professional careers as a voice for the injured and bereaved, whose lives have been changed—sometimes permanently—by someone else’s mistake or deliberate wrongdoing.

Help for Individuals
In personal injury law, an attorney can do a world of good. What we do has a lasting affect on the lives of the people we help. Prospective clients come to us not knowing where to turn. They can’t work, they have piles of medical bills and no idea how they’ll be paid. Or the family’s breadwinner was killed when a drunk driver ran a light, and there is little or no money coming into the home. Each victim has their own story, but they have one thing in common: their lives have been torn apart someone else’s wrongdoing.

Equal Access to Justice
In other areas of law, if you want to hire a lawyer with a top reputation, you need to come up with a hefty retainer. But in our practice, anyone with a serious injury can come to us for help. Our clients pay nothing up front and nothing out-of-pocket. We do all the work, cover all the expenses, and you pay nothing until the case is resolved and money has been paid. And in the unlikely case we don’t win money for you, you’ll owe us nothing.

We think this is a terrific way to practice law, because it makes highly skilled legal services equally available to everyone—not just the few who can afford to pay. In our personal injury practice, everyone has an equal right to pursue justice, regardless of their financial means.

What Personal Injury Lawyers Do
As personal injury lawyers, we fight the large, wealthy insurance companies who put profits ahead of people. Maybe you thought insurance companies exist for the purpose of helping people who have been injured, or who have lost a loved one in an accident. But in reality, they exist to make profits for their shareholders. So it’s not in their interest to display any generosity when paying your claim; on the contrary, every penny they pay out is a penny that reduces the company’s profit picture, the dividends it pays to shareholders, and the bonus the CEO might get for a year of raking in big bucks.

So no, insurance companies don’t exist to help the injured, and they have plenty of tactics they use to minimize the amount they have to pay out. But good personal injury lawyers, like the attorneys who make up our team here at Wettermark & Keith, know how to overcome those nefarious tactics for the benefit of our clients.

We are here for the individual who must face corporate giants with the money and power to fight the ordinary person, who wants nothing more than justice. We have a network of experts who are always on call to help us investigate the cause of your accident and identify anyone whose negligence contributed to your injury or loss. We have the knowledge and the resources to level the playing field and get you fair compensation for what you’ve lost. We can’t bring back the loved one you’ve lost, and we can’t magically restore you to health, but in a very large percentage of cases, we can help you get the money you need to go on living and to get the care you need when an accident has deprived you of so much.

Why do we practice personal injury law? At Wettermark & Keith, LLC, we have chosen personal injury law because we are committed to justice, fairness, and accountability. We believe the person or company that has caused you so much pain should be held to account for your suffering.

If you’ve been injured in an accident that someone else’s negligence caused, we want to help. Contact Wettermark & Keith, LLC, to schedule your free appointment to tell us about your situation.

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